Is Brendan really as good as his site makes out?  
In short yes. Over 80% of his bookings are repeat customers, direct referrals or result from having been seen at an event first hand. He stands by his entertainment 100% and guarantees the overwhelming majority of your guests will be thoroughly delighted by his unique skills.

I've browsed through the site and am very impressed but how much does Brendan cost?  
Well let us be honest here. If price is the main deciding factor on who or what you book then Brendan may not be your man. He is not the cheapest but like everything else in life you get what you pay for. Brendan offers a high end service for discerning clients, both private and corporate. Price depends on a number of factors such as date, location and amount of entertainment required. It is best to call Brendan in the office for a quick chat to discuss you requirements. From his many years of experience Brendan is well positioned to suggest the most appropriate form of entertainment required for your event.

There are loads of guys doing this type of magic - what makes Brendan so great?  
Well in a word - professionalism. Brendan is one of only a handful of magicians in Ireland who's sole source of income is from performing. Professionalism though is more then just about the performance or being full time. It is an attitude. An attitude that run's through Brendan's entire body and business practice and he guarantees that you are dealing with a reputable, proven and successful entity.

In this day and age anyone can throw a website up and make themselves out to be a professional magician. Please don't be fooled. The mark of a true pro at the top of his game is by the venues and clientele he has worked for and the testimonials garnered for their work. Many of the so called professional magicians simply are not professional magicians. Their tricks might be good but few know how to work a room, how to generate laughter and applause, when to approach a group but more importantly when not to.

To be a top class close up magician your social skills are as important as your magical ones. Brendan, through his work in the Unicorn restaurant has been fortunate to perform for many of the countries leading social, business and political figures including former Taoiseach, Brian Cowen. Needless to say if Brendan is a hit with this clientele - which he is - imagine what he can do for your guests.

For the most immediate response please call Brendan on

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