Close-up magic or walk-around magic is performed as the name suggests at close quarters. 

Uniquely skilled, charming, creative and immensely entertaining magician Brendan Byrne mingles with guests and typically performs a five to ten minute set per group of people of high impact, amazing and entertaining magic.

As Brendan works from his pockets using every day items like playing cards, coins and handkerchiefs - all he requires is an audience.  Brendan carries all he needs on his person he can dip in and out of proceedings as needed and makes him a very versatile and unobtrusive performer.

As amazing as Brendan's magic is, and he is an expert technical magician lauded by his peers, typically it is the delightful fun atmosphere that his comedy magic generates that creates a lasting impression on guests.  Throughout your event you will hear gasps of amazement, spontaneous bursts of applause and outbreaks of laughter in equal measure.

What is close-up magic?

Why close-up magic?  Magic is universal.  It transcends all cultural, age, language and social barriers.  In the context of a cocktail party or drinks reception it provides a way for people who do not know each other to relax and interact.  It is the perfect icebreaker.

Child like wonder -  Professionally performed it creates a true sense of fun, wonder and astonishment.  In this high tech world it really does, as Joanna Lumely said of Brendan, make you feel like a child again.

As scarce as hen’s teeth -  It is unusual, and although more popular in recent times, is still rarely seen live.  Thus making your party more memorable and unique.

It is adaptable -  There is nowhere that Brendan’s close-up magic cannot be performed.  Indoor/outdoor, quiet bar/loud nightclub, intimate private party/large corporate event.  Close-up magic is the answer for all.

It can be unobtrusive -  Brendan can dip in and out of proceedings as required making it perfect for gala dinners, awards ceremonies, restaurants or anywhere speeches and other activities are planned.

How can it work for you? Brendan’s brand of close-up magic is the perfect tonic whether you or a bride or groom, event organiser, venue owner or birthday boy or girl.

As a bride & groom you want you day to be a wonderful as is humanly possible.  While “doing the photos” many brides and grooms worry if everyone else is enjoying themselves or not.  Inviting Brendan to perform for your guests during this time ends all this worry and gives you the piece of mind that your guests are being thoroughly entertained.

As an event organiser or venue owner your reputation is at stake.  Be it from your boss,client or customers it is your neck and reputation on the line if the entertainment isn’t up to par.  As a full time professional entertainer, member of The Magic Circle and with years of experience in the corporate market you can rest easy with Brendan at hand.  Instead of grief he will help you receive plaudits, praise and kudos from your employer, clients or customers.

You can read more about Brendan furhter down this page but suffice to say he ensures -

  1. Professional Service

  2. Experience yet youth

  3. An amazing fun atmosphere

  4. Jaw dropping magic

  5. Delighted guests

  6. Relaxed hosts

  7. A STRESS FREE solution to your entertainment needs

Why Brendan?



086 2231 890

As the birthday boy or girl you want your guests to relax, have fun, thoroughly enjoy your party and leave wishing it was only starting.  Ideally you want to know the entertainment you booked will turn up, perform as promised, deliver a great product and encourage and facilitate a party atmosphere.  Brendan can kick start the shenanigans that will continue right through your party.

As a figure within the Magic industry -  Brendan is also hugely respected by his peers within the magic industry.  A former President and Secretary of Ireland’s oldest club for magicians, The Society of Irish Magicians.  In 2009 he was invited to join the prestigious Magic Circle in London.

He is co-producer of the Dublin magic convention Shenanigans and is also the owner & editor of the countries leading news and blog site for the magic community

He has appeared on RTÉ Radio 1 numerous times discussing magic and magicians.

Brendan, is one of the countries most sought after magical entertainers.  Specialising in close-up magic for weddings, corporate events, private parties and restaurants & bars, his work in this area has garnered much praise from the likes of Bono and Adam Sandler to name but two.

“Man that was amazing...and so funny too.”

Adam Sandler

“I love magic and have seen loads of magicians but that is absolutely incredible”

Jeremy Clarkson

“Magic should make you feel like a child again and create a true sense of astonishment and you have given me just that.”

Joanna Lumely

“I am sitting so close and I still cannot see a thing. That is unbelievable.”


As a children’s entertainer -  Brendan is also an accomplished family and kids magician and performs regularly in the homes of the great and the good of Irish society.  He is also the resident entertainer at The RDS Dublin Horse Show, Bloom and Cork Summer Show.

Find out about Brendan’s work as a kids magician and family entertainer.